El Yunque Rainforest and Beach Tour

8 Hr Rainforest & Piñones Beach $95 pp

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Hike through the diverse El Yunque Rainforest and discover a true tropical paradise.

The El Toro Wilderness, named after the highest peak (3,524 feet) in the El Yunque National Forest, is the only tropical wilderness in the U.S. National Forest System (NFS). It is located 25 miles east of San Juan on the western side of the Luquillo Mountain Range, with amazing views of the surrounding areas and you can see the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans The El Toro Wilderness provides habitat for the endangered Elfin Woods Warbler, the Puerto Rican Boa, the Demarest’s fig eating bat, five species of Coqui (small frogs), and the Puerto Rican Parrot. The Puerto Rican Parrot is the only native parrot on the island.

After a scenic drive down from the top of the Rainforest our next stop is the river (Río Canóvanas) is actually a very pretty and interesting river that starts way up in El Yunque, and runs to the sea, with many waterfalls and swimming holes along the way. People have been enjoying this river for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, as evidenced by petroglyphs that we have found in other locations in this river. The falls are beautiful, and they almost look man-made as it is one upper fall that drops into a pool then divides in two for the lower falls. Each set of falls is about 15-20 feet tall. There is a nice deep swimming pool at the base, deep enough in spots for jumping into (if one so desires).

After having our pictures taken and swimming in a waterfall we will arrive at La Posita, a long beach on the Atlantic side with few visitors. A coral rock wall has created a long shallow pool protected from the strong surf, a great beach for families with small children or those wishing to swim in calm water. This beach is great for listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the rock wall, and perfect for relaxed swim / float on the calm water. To add to the fun, you can watch planes fly over La Posita Beach… and relax knowing you still have more time to enjoy the pleasures of the Caribbean in Puerto Rico.

Across the street from the beach and further east, there are food kiosks serving traditional fried food and drinks at very reasonable non-tourist trap prices. These kiosks are part of the popular Piñones featured on the Travel Channel and other Food Shows. Piñones is well known by locals with a number of popular “chinchorros” a term used for places to get a quick bite with friends and move on to the next to taste something else. The shops are very simple, many built with recycled materials, the focus is food and a friendly atmosphere.

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Old San Juan-Plaza Colon (9:15am)
Condado Area (9:30am)
Ocean Park-Kasalta (9:35am)
Isla Verde (9:45am)

**Note: All tours leave from San Juan, Carolina, To account for transportation, guests should allot up to 8 hours for the entire experience.*

$95 per person

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